Just snap to your underwear and it's ready to use.


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One of the BEST selling Eco Moon Pads.   

Just snap to your underwear and it's ready to use.  A great everyday panty liner. Light protection for menstruation, use with a diva cup or for light bladder control.

Available in two colors. Let us know your preference in the notes section at checkout.

Made from 100% cotton.


The snap pad light has 1.5 layers of certified organic heavy flannel cotton. Length: 21cm, Width: 7cm, Thickness: 0.5cm.

Please note:

Because of its natural character, the tone of color is slightly different on each pad and each dye batch. Also, there may be slight color unevenness due to the nature of the fabric, however, It shouldn't cause any discomfort during use. 

All products are handmade so there could be slight variances in size or stitching. 

1. Prepare cool to lukewarm soapy water into a bucket (natural soap is best; hand soap, laundry soap or baking soda).

2. As required place soiled pads in the bucket and leave to soak. Gently hand wash pads if desired but never rub too hard. 

3. At the end of the day rinse the pads well and place into a washing machine. Rinsing is very important as it will prevent the smell of blood getting into the rest of the laundry. Some light color bleeding may occur, however, this is normal and biodegradable laundry soap will help reduce this. Pads can be washed with regular laundry but should be separated from lighter colored clothing.

4. Tumble dry on low heat or hang out to dry.

IMPORTANT: Soak pads as soon as possible. Never soak or wash in hot water as blood will permanently stain the pad.